CrowdStrike’s Approach to Cyber-Security

CrowdStrike: An Innovative Approach to Cyber-security

In April 2018, it was reported that over 400 Australian businesses were the subject of cyber attacks the year before. Although there were no significant breaches reported, the event highlighted the need for cybersecurity.

Anything, from phones to computers, that attaches to the internet is vulnerable. Malicious campaigns are now more sophisticated. The days when installing an anti-virus program in your computer is enough are long gone. Even an IT department in charge of the company network sometimes cannot cut it.

This perfect storm is what drives up the need for cybersecurity.

One company that responds to this need is CrowdStrike. Founded in 2011 by George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch, Crowdstrike at Aquion an innovative approach to security. It does not just provide protection from malware. It also uses intelligence techniques to locate the attackers. The logic behind this approach is simple: find the root cause of the problem to fix it.

Crowdstrike offers six distinct fields of solutions. The first is the Endpoint Solutions. Every time a laptop or mobile device connects to the corporate network, a doorway is created. These doorways need protection because that is where data can be found. Gaining access to one of these endpoints can allow an attacker to spread throughout the entire system.

The endpoint solutions are cloud-based. Named the Falcon, it has the unique advantage of aggregating detecting threats from all over the world. It can identify indicators of attack while they are happening so that solutions can be implemented even before a breach.

Another service is in Threat Intelligence. Threats on endpoints are analyzed to formulate the indicators of compromise. These indicators are unique and can help identify the specific countermeasures needed to prevent future attacks.

Threat Intelligence also means that the global Falcon Intelligence team gathers data from a variety of sources, such as the dark web, to identify vulnerable industries, location source of the attacks, and, the tactics used in the attack.

The company also offers an anti-virus solution. Instead of the traditional reactive characteristic of most anti-virus systems, CrowdStrike uses the Falcon platform to get on the offensive. It enables features like machine-learning and behavioral analytics to block the malware. Monitoring is also done in real-time and with great accuracy by creating a timeline of the attack details, read more about it at Crowdstrike Aquion

Should there be a breach in a company, CrowdStrike offers Incident Response services. It can investigate the attack and identify the perpetrators. Impact on the business can also minimize by removing the threat in the system. The speed of response is what sets CrowdStrike apart. The cloud-based Falcon platform means that it can provide the necessary defenses immediately.

There is an increasingly alarming practice of extortion on businesses called ransomware. Encryption is used to sequester data on an endpoint. The only way to retrieve the files is from a pre-existing backup or to pay ransom on the blocked data. CrowdStrike services can be used to prevent such a cybercrime from happening in the first place. Using detection and blocking techniques, endpoints are protected to keep data safe.

Finally, there is Falcon Insight, which automatically records and analyzes activities on the endpoints to monitor events that might have been missed by prevention tactics.  Endpoint Detection and Response is the best method to continuously ensure the security of endpoints.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. In response, the defenses used to protect individuals and businesses also need to evolve. Companies like CrowdStrike help provide protection in the face of these increased threats

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