Get to Know Globalscape

Get To Know Globalscape

Globalscape, a world-class software provider, understands that reliability is the linchpin of good business, which is why they leverage their software expertise to facilitate business matters between associates. In short, Globalscape offers “secure file transfer software” that’s both military-proven and mission-critical. What’s more, their vast expertise is matched only by their full suite of services. Below is a synopsis of the solutions and services that Aquion Globalscape provides.

  • Transfer files rapidly
  • Share external and internal files securely
  • Manged file transfer services
  • Integrate with clients who are STFP compatible
  • Replace faulty software systems
  • Transfer data files that are compliant with one another
  • Teach the importance of data and cloud integration
  • Convert files from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Automation services
  • Business deployment solutions
  • Assessment services
  • Product and contact support

Who Comprises Globalscape?
When a company is as well-oiled as Globalscape, the organization’s leaders generally boast a high degree of professionalism. Here are some members of the company’s executive team who employ their prowess as businesspeople and developers to ensure that Globalscape flourishes. Read more about Globalscape at Aquion:

  • Matt Goulet – President and CEO
  • Peter Merkulov – CTO
  • Dave Mello – VP of Operations
  • Michael Canavan – VP of Sales
  • Andrea Farmer – VP of Human Resources
  • Gary Mullen – VP of Marketing
  • Thomas Brown – Chairman of BOD
  • David Mann – Director
  • Frank Morgan – Director
  • Thomas Hicks – Director
  • Clark Web – Director
  • Robert Alpert – Director

Company Highlights

  • Founded in 1996
  • Headquartered in Texas
  • Employs up to 200 people
  • Have earned various awards for their unique services
  • Serve over 13,000 individuals
  • Serve over 150 countries
  • They offer a state-of-the-art Partners Programs

Certified In The Following Areas

  • FIPS Certified
  • Drummond Certified
  • Microsoft Certified
  • Hortonworks Certified
  • CISCO Developer Certified


  • Apple
  • NETApp
  • Autodesk Developer Network
  • F5
  • Data Expedition
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Hortonworks Technology Partner
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