Twistlock is True Security

Use Twistlock and Get True Security

What Is the Scoop on Twistlock?
Twistlock is an industry leader when it comes to offering an automated container cyber security platform. Twistlock is a partner with Google cloud platform security, and it is a platform that is able to deliver automated security to a variety of clientele. This is security that is precise, and it can also deliver full life vulnerability and compliancy management. Twistlock offers a cloud native cyber security platform that can give complete protection to any google cloud function. If your company works with a complete spectrum of cloud native technologies, with Twistlock, you are able to receive coherent protection all on one efficient platform.

How Twistlock Protects Your Apps from Vulnerability
Twistlock offers a Vulnerability Explorer. This platform is able to give you a complete and comprehensive view of any vulnerabilities that may be damaging your applications or network. Twistlock by Aquion automatically identifies and understands all of the different functions in your accounts. Once These functions are understood and identified, Twistlock’s Vulnerability Explorer system will begin to analyze them in detail to identify and correct any vulnerabilities. This platform will enable you to understand any possible risks by providing you with meta-data that can help you to prevent damage to your apps in the future.


Twistlock’s STL Compliance
Istio is known as a reliable and stable service mesh management platform. This is a project that is made to complement micro service platforms and provide a wide variety of capabilities. Istio is able to give service identity and traffic management. Twistlock integrates with Istio in order to enhance the learning capabilities of its platform to enable a more secure connection. Twistlock is also able to safeguard configurations that Istio runs on by separating compromised services away from applications, and it corrects abnormalities by providing compliance policies that strengthen secure configurations. You can find Twistlock at Aquion: .

Why Is Twistlock Right for You?
Twistlock offers an automated integrated and precise system that is audit-ready and completely compliant. This is a complete and comprehensive container security platform. With Twistlock’s security platform, your applications and systems will find a multi-layered protection system that will protect them from present and future threats. Twistlock is a platform that is used by companies such as Articulate, Aetna, Gridspace, Amazon Web Services, JFrog, Redhat, and Docker. These are companies that have benefited from the security and reliability of Twistlock, and your company is sure to reap the same benefits when you use the Twistlock platform.

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